Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of education starts with a belief in education as a base for the growth of our youth. I feel that education often provides a pathway to the answers of the questions that plague our communities and environment In today’s society.


Education is mandatory. Without it, people typically do not have the resources to survive and succeed in this world. Education is not, however, only reading, writing, and math. The Fine Arts often provide the personal connections that draw people to education. The Fine Arts inspire, educate, and inform all audiences and participants. Music and Poetry can bring people to tears or fill them with overwhelming happiness. Theater often shows people a different view of life. These experiences can bring out characteristics that make students feel empowered to expand their education and lives.


These experiences are invaluable. Through these experiences, people become better as a whole. we as people have come along way, but continuing education is the only way to ensure the survival of all.