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"You know those guys, they'd as soon cut your nuts off as look at you." Lynn looked up at Truck with a smirk. "Not that I have any."
   - Lynn Woo

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Praise for Frank's Work

"With Boca News, Frank Foster returns with a fast-moving thriller... The man can write, and mystery lovers should read ...a fast and sun-washed heck of a reading high."

-Stuart M. Kaminsky
Edgar Winner and Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Winner

“...Frank Foster demonstrates ...a quirky instinct for character that will leave readers looking forward to his next novel.”

-Randy Wayne White
New York Times Best Selling Author
of Dead Silence

“...gripping novel of suspense in a wonderfully exotic setting...”

-Winston Groom
Best Selling Author of Forest Gump

“...unconventional characters are appealing and Boca Grande is the perfect setting for a mystery. ...narrative fast paced...conclusion thrilling.”

-Mysterious Reviews

“...Put down your James Patterson and pick up Frank Foster.”
Boca News, by Frank Foster
-Ace Atkins
Best Selling Author of Devil’s Garden

“...Even those unfamiliar will be able to smell the salt air...”

-Englewood Reviews

“...sly humor and tart suspense...a great sinister sense of Florida.”

-Lawrence Light
Author of Fear and Greed

“...Frank Foster has written a page turner, plain and simple.”

-Josh Conviser
Author of Empyre

Frank Welcomes You

I’m so appreciative of your visit to my website. Why? Because I’m still new at writing novels. Boca News, the second of my “Boca” series of Lynn Woo mystery thrillers, has just come out.

The tony resort island of Boca Grande, Florida is once again the setting. It’s a real place, in fact, I had a second home there for many years. I became intimate with the island village and I know my way around every back bay and estuary within a hour’s boat ride of the Boca Grande bayou. So choosing it as the setting for my books was a slam dunk (to use a cliché, which writers aren’t supposed to).

The tropical beauty of the village of Boca Grande actually becomes a character in my books. It’s home to banyans and frangipani, pelicans and egrets, a colony of iguanas, and some rich folks who readily mingle with ordinary islanders. Oh, and an alligator or two, but if you’ve read my first book, Boca Moon, you know that.

My books take just enough time with descriptions to get you licking a little tropical salt from your lips as you read, but the stories pull you through the pages at a fast clip. At least I hope so. You’d be helping me by emailing me whether you agree. Would love to hear from you at any time about anything (except story ideas because my lawyer would have a heart attack). I’ll do my best to answer every email.

I hope you’ll get to know Lynn Woo almost as well as I have. She’s got some flaws and demons and problems, but I think she has a soul. Do you? Anybody who nurtures a one-eared dog (her black lab, Mullet) can’t be all bad, right? And anybody who puts up with a germ-freak lover (Rolf Berglund) has to be up for sainthood. Truck Kershaw, the deputy, is a favorite, but that Lt. Symanski... I get so mad at him.

Over time, we’ll be building and then editing the site’s photo gallery. Watch for pictures of Boca Grande, including the actual locations where some really nasty things happen in my books, and pictures from my latest fly fishing trips.

Thanks again for visiting; I hope you’ll do it often. All the best.


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